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Online Configurators and Quote Tools by INNOMEGA AB

E-Business Solutions

Multiply your effectiveness.

INNOMEGA AB develop e-business solutions which re-imagine long-established time-consuming processes. Examples include integrated online configurators and quote tools, which save time evaluating the most appropriate product for a clients needs. From simple product comparisons to highly complex product analyses, or something else entirely, we can help you reimagine that time-consuming process and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Effective Marketing Process Cycle - INNOMEGA AB

Define your marketing strategy.

Let us help you focus on attracting the right business.

You want your products and services to get the attention they deserve! But have you thought about whose attention you are wanting to attract and what you need to do to attract them? Have you contemplated what you'll do if it all goes swimmingly well?

INNOMEGA can assist you through the marketing process to ensure that you receive the most for your marketing budget and help you put a plan in place for coping with increased demand.

INNOMEGA - Layout materials with outmost precision

Create your corporate identity.

Consistent. Modern. Defining.

Developing your corporate identity is about creating a professional image that is immediately identifiable to your market, and instantaneously lets them know it is you and what you stand for. It helps cement together everything the customer knows about you and your business and as such, its subtle value in marketing terms cannot be overstated.

With precision and quality in every detail, we can help you create a modern and consistent corporate identity to run through all facets of corporate materials. Business cards, company brochures, product data sheets, annual reports, presentations, letterhead, document templates - you name it - with over 20 years experience, we've got you covered!

Please visit siljanfoto.se for more examples of our work.

Use inspiring pictures and instructional films to take your marketing beyond the ordinary.

Captivate. Inspire. Sell.

Having a great product is the key to a successful business, but stunning product images, and where necessary, clear and well-produced instructional videos are the key to successful marketing.

Go beyond smartphone pictures or using stock photography shots which anyone can use. With years of photographic experience using professional equipment, we can assist with building your product image library, deliver on those creative ideas for marketing campaigns, and create that short film your clients have been asking for. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss ideas on how to increase your visual impact.

Our Management Team

Experienced and easy to work with.
Jonas Eriksson
Consulting / Photography

With over 15 years international experience of website development, eMarketing and photography, Jonas' eye for detail, creativity and aesthetics are INNOMEGA's major asset in helping clients to build their business image. Additionally his fluency in german, swedish and english is beneficial for clients looking to develop their business outside of their domestic market.

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Nadia Eriksson
Business Development

Nadia offers a broad range of business experience with over 10 years in the financial services industry in London, UK. INNOMEGA's service model makes best use of her key strengths in business analysis, strategy, marketing and change management, along with her pragmatic and customer-focussed approach to problem solving.

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