• Simplify your business operations.

    Multiply your business output and efficiency with INNOMEGA E-Business Solutions.

    Web-based tools build with Mura CMS enable your team to focus on closing sales.

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Bespoke solutions for the modernisation of business processes.

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Multiply your qualified quotations

Imagine your clients doing the exploration of options and pricing in their own time and leisure, allowing your team to take qualifying leads from interest to contract phase much more effectively.

One place to update data

Using Mura CMS and daily exchange rate calculations, all products can easily be up-to-date within one system. You can add your own markup for specific product groups, or even use pre-registered buyer groups with specific pricing discounts applied.

Capture leads in various phases, and generate personalised PDF quotations without delay.

Beneficial to both your team and your prospects, web-based quotation system eliminate configuration errors and provide up-to-date information. An added benefit for your team is the insight you gain about the key interest of your future clients, aggregated and stored securely according to local data protection regulations (GPDR). Your prospects benefit from having board room ready quotations of configured solutions at the ready without delay.

Take your business to the next level.

Smart solutions to manage both your site and web quotation tools.

Your e-business websites are built on established, leading solutions for back-end (Mura CMS) and front end (Zurb Foundation 6) web- and app development technologies. A strong network of experts is available both to us when extra resources are required, but also to your team if you want to take a solution further in a new direction individually.

We love working for clients who value quality. Meet some of them:

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Our awesome technology partners and suppliers:

Mura CMS by Blue River
ZURB Foundation for Sites Responsive Framework
Lucee Application Server
Glesys Server Hosting Sweden