Work with us

INNOMEGA aims to be a lean, flexible organisation. After more than 15 years in the business (of which 15+ in Germany and now more than 7 in Sweden), we know this model works for us. Sometimes projects require extra hands. Therefore we strive to expand our network with a small number of talented specialists* to work with us on key projects. Our clients are based in Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK and New Zealand, and are mainly companies between 10 and 75 employees.

*Call-out to specialists :-) we are generally interested in networking with people who feel at ease with the following areas of expertise:

"Must have's":

  • Fluent/natively speaking English (all documentation and forums are usually in english) 
  • Experience developing with Mura CMS or JavaScript 
  • Basic Database experience (MySQL or similar)
  • Communicative - i.e. email us when something doesn't work out, is done, needs feedback etc.
  • Understanding of basic network and communication security issues/requirements (Firewalls/Email Security/PGP Encryption)

Definitely cool other things:

  • Experience with Lucee Application Server (optimisation, troubleshooting)
  • Linux Experience (Apache / Tomcat)
  • In-depth Mura CMS knowledge (Plugin development, Mura ORM, customised Display Objects)
  • In-Depth JavaScript knowledge
  • Knowledge/familiarity with GitHub
  • Zurb Foundation guru (6.x.x/Flex-XY Grid base), and/pr Bootstrap 4, CSS Grid etc.
  • Apple iOS development experience (Swift)
  • Additional language skills, German or Swedish/Norwegian/Danish is most useful to our clients.
  • Experience of working in or interest in some industry other than IT (Automotive, Electric, tourism, ...)
  • Familiarity with GPDR and or german laws concerning IT; B2B and business to consumer operations.
  • all-round academic masters such as MBA or other topic obviously a plus too


If you think you might want to work with us on something in the future, please drop us a line!

To all the outsourcing AGENCIES out there - please be advised we generally prefer to work with small companies or freelancers local to us (i.e. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, ...) and do not seek applications of interest from companies in the US, India or China for example.