Rates and Project Costs

About project costs

As a price idea, we can usually get something out in 5-7 days which can be used to get other stakeholders on board and take the web application development further. Our rates cover consulting services and higher-end developing work, including outsourcing to specialists when required. For simple data entry or content transition, we can offer a 20% discount on below rates.

Weekend or evening work (20:00-08:00) is only available for client-requested "emergencies" and carry a 50% surcharge.

Day rate (8 hours):

6 900 SEK / 730 EUR

Hourly rate:

900 SEK / 95 EUR

Weekly rate* (40 hours):

31 500 SEK / 3 350 EUR

*Weekly rate also applies to contracts where we work for a minimum set number of days (1.5 per week, 2 months minimum). Most of our business solution clients choose a longer-term plan for iterative improvements and feature development, but we're equally happy to work on subsets of projects at a pre-agreed fixed price, provided there is a clear "definition of done" and a realistic budget in place. If that sounds good, let's meet up and discuss!

All prices for information purposes only, counter-signed order or contract required before any work commences.