Network Security

Cisco Meraki. Advanced Malware Protection. Superior visibility and analytics of network traffic and threat sources.

Perfect for small and medium businesses.


Super easy to deploy, self-updating and responding to threats in real-time.

Cisco Meraki


The Cisco Meraki family covers switches (MS), access points (MR) and security appliances (MX) with advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities. Truly smart security cameras (Meraki MV) complete the security offering. 
Besides providing ease of use for regular tasks and insight into the network, setting up a Meraki network is super easy and does only require minimal time on site - the rest can easily be configured from a different location or VPN connected employee. 
Meraki Security Devices can also use Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection, as well provide powerful  enterprise mobility management for iPads, Android, iOS and other smartphone and laptop devices. Ideal for schools, public places, small and mid-sized companies or large sporting events, Cisco Meraki delivers outstanding reliability and ease of use.

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