Layout Services

Print is still important. Holding a quality paper in your hand conveys a message about brand quality that complements great online presences and multimedia.

Our tools for print: Adobe InDesign / for screen: Apple Keynote and various graphic tools.

Here are some examples of brochures we have created for our client HENSEL Fahrzeugbau, Tomoku Hus and ZKFonline:



Note: Over the years we've created many presentations regarding investment cases, resource exploration and property developments as well as world-renowned charitable organisations, as well as custom research reports and keynotes for senior executives working in Frankfurt, Berlin, Ecuador, London, Oslo, Stockholm and Mora. Most of those are not available publiclz, but we are happy to provide design samples upon request. We do not offer any presentations in Microsoft Poweroint format, but if you do not require transitions, a high quality PDF version can easily be exported from Keynote. 

Please note that In order to produce quality print products, quality images are required. For an A4 size cover print, at least 6MP images are required. As a rule of thumb, any image you view in 100% on your screen can be printed between half and a quarter of its "screen size". The reason? Printing requires about 300 dpi (dots per inch) and the screens are somewhere between 72 and 144dpi. 

How to zou get qulitz images without hiring a photographer? A steady, well lit photo taken with for example an iPhone 7 is often good enough resolution and quality wise. Aim to get some "space" around the subject/object of interest for more flexibility in terms of cropping and use in a brochure etc.