Tools we use


Visual Studio Code (free)

Coda - powerful code editor (for iPad Pro macOS)

PAW - The most advanced API tool for Mac (macOS only, $49)


XCode (macOS only, free)

SnippetsLab (macOS only)

Database admin & management

Querious (macOS only, $49)

navicat ($199)

Version Control / Transfer utilities

Transmit (macOS only, $45)

Tower ($79)

Prompt (iOS)

Team Collaboration

Apple Facetime



Photography & Design & Layout & Video Editing

Adobe InDesign (Layout)

Affinity Photo (Image Editing)

Affinity Design (Illustrations)

Tonality (Image Editing B/W images)

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Motion

Native Instruments Kontakt / Heavyocity Gravity & other sound libraries

PhaseOne Capture One  (high-end RAW image editing and DAW)


VPS / Servers / Droplets

For powerful VPS servers located in Sweden, we recommend and use GleSYS as our main supplier.

We mainly run Lucee Application Server with Apache/Tomcat and MySQL databases.


Content Management System

Mura CMS is the basis for our development work. Whether a small site for presentation purposes only, a larger portal or custom configurators and custom PDF quote generation, this is the sharpest tool in the toolbox.

Mura CMS 7.1