Mura CMS Tips (and some for Lucee)

This section is just a collection of useful links, articles and code examples for ourselves and others who are interested in Mura CMS development and or using Lucee Application Server.


Mura.js: Loading JavaScript and CSS Files

Mura.js allows JavaScript developers to load their JS and CSS files synchronously or asynchronously. This is especially useful for display objects rendered via CFML.

Various Lucee hints from iSummation
Tips for moving from Adobe CF to Lucee
Mura CMS 7.x and ZURB Foundation 6.4.x snippets

A couple of frequently used code snippets in our developments for easy reference and peer review.

Tomcat Mod_CFML error MaxContexts limit reached. No more contexts can be created!

There is a simple remedy for this rather nasty looking error message.

Lucee GitBook

A treasure of information. 

Mura Beans and Objects (incl. Extended Attributes)

Lots of Mura attributes for all sorts of cool things.

Using Mura CMS 7.1 with Docker

Further information: