Mura CMS Tips (and some for Lucee)

This section is just a collection of useful links, articles and code examples for ourselves and others who are interested in Mura CMS development and or using Lucee Application Server.


Mura Iterator examples
Getting a custom ttf font to work with CFDOCUMENT (PDF creation) in Lucee 5.2.x on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

This had us busy for about a day as all instructions were either for outdated Lucee 4.5, or just plain incomplete. A client required the use of Segoe UI in a dynamically generated PDF, and after moving from a Windows VPS running CF10 to a modern Lucee on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, things no longer worked. Until now.

Infinite Scrolling with Mura 7

In the age of asynchronous single-page applications and seemingly endless content bingeing, a seamless experience is increasingly crucial when attempting to keep an audience engaged. Whether perusing headlines, researching rock bands or scrolling social feeds, every click of a link or press of a button is an added point of friction in the user's experience. Omitting these small actions helps eliminate distraction, creating Flow in the experience.

Wrapping up the final day of the MuraCon 2017 conference, Nolan Erck from South of Shasta treated attendees to a power-packed presentation utilizing multiple facets of Mura CMS development to display the output of a custom Mura content collection in an auto-loading, infinitely-scrolling single-page format. By leveraging mura.js JavaScript library to dynamically append display objects to the page body, the content is loaded as the reader nears the end of an article.

Adding Custom Keys and overriding international resourceBundles
Display Objects With Mura.js

As introduced in the Anatomy of a Display Object section, developers may choose to render their display objects using purely JavaScript. When doing so, the display object's index.cfm file should only contain the following line of code, which informs Mura it has nothing to render via server-side processing, and all rendering will occur via the "client" or browser.

Mura.js: Loading JavaScript and CSS Files

Mura.js allows JavaScript developers to load their JS and CSS files synchronously or asynchronously. This is especially useful for display objects rendered via CFML.

Various Lucee hints from iSummation
Tips for moving from Adobe CF to Lucee
Mura CMS 7.x and ZURB Foundation 6.4.x snippets

A couple of frequently used code snippets in our developments for easy reference and peer review.

Tomcat Mod_CFML error MaxContexts limit reached. No more contexts can be created!

There is a simple remedy for this rather nasty looking error message.

Lucee GitBook

A treasure of information. 

Mura Beans and Objects (incl. Extended Attributes)

Lots of Mura attributes for all sorts of cool things.

Using Mura CMS 7.1 with Docker

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