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Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
Stylable - CSS for Components
Reshader - automatic palette shader
Let's Learn JavaScript Closures

Closures are functions that refer to independent (free) variables. In other words, the function defined in the closure ‘remembers’ the environment in which it was created.

Opening the Box Model (beginner)


CSS Specificity: Things You Should Know
You Don't Know JS: Types & Grammar
The javascript event loop explained
This in JavaScript

The this keyword in JavaScript confuses everyone in the beginning, so don’t worry about it. this is a keyword whose value changes depending on how a function gets called. There six different ways where this can take on new values. This article explains it all.

Functional-Light JavaScript (Book)

"Functional-Light JavaScript" explores the core principles of functional programming (FP) as they are applied to JavaScript. But what makes this book different is that we approach these principles without drowning in all the heavy terminology.


MixItUp is a commercial plugin by developer Patrick Kunka in London. A very skilled and helpful guy and a great product for visualising larger datasets with powerful data-driven filter functions. Also, see this helpful hint for issues with Bootstrap Drop-downs:

And this - when the pagination stops working because of the above trick:

Tags: API, Pagination, Toggle, Filter
MixIt Up with sidebar Content Filter

A slide-in filter panel powered by CSS and jQuery. (this is MixItUp 2 - so make sure only the relevant parts are copied) 

Tags: Lightbox, Image Gallery
jQuery Flipster
Tags: Tour, More info, Image Gallery
Unite Gallery
Tags: Slider, Image Gallery
Expandable Image gallery
Tags: More info, Slider, Image Gallery
Justified.js - jQuery Plugin to create Justified Image Gallery
Tags: Image Gallery
CSSgram - image filters