API Documentation

Google MyBusiness API
FreeGeoIP (useful for simple XML/JSON testing etc.)

freegeoip.net provides a public HTTP API for software developers to search the geolocation of IP addresses. It uses a database of IP addresses that are associated to cities along with other relevant information like time zone, latitude and longitude.    






Trello API

See also: https://developers.trello.com/


Fortnox API

Sweden's foremost online business system. The third version of Fortnox API is organized around REST. This means that we’ve designed it to have resource-oriented URLs and be as predictible as possible for you as developer. It also means that we use HTTP status codes when something goes wrong and HTTP verbs understod by many API clients around the web. A modified version of OAuth2 is used for authentication to offer a secure way for both you and your users to interact. The API is built to support both XML and JSON, but for the most part the .NET SDK is used in a .NET environment that uses XML. In this documentation all the examples will be in either JSON or using our .NET SDK.

See also: https://github.com/my-codeworks/fortnox-api

Philips HUE API

Further: https://github.com/blargoner/jshue

To discover the IP address of the bridge on your network, use one of the following:

  1. Use a UPnP discovery app to find Philips hue in your network.
  2. Use our broker server discover process by visiting www.meethue.com/api/nupnp
  3. Log into your wireless router and look Philips hue up in the DHCP table.
  4. Hue App method: Download the official Philips hue app. Connect your phone to the network the hue bridge is on. Start the hue app(iOS described here). Push link connect to the bridge. Use the app to find the bridge and try controlling lights. All working -- Go to the settings menu in the app. Go to My Bridge. Go to Network settings. Switch off the DHCP toggle. The ip address of the bridge will show. Note the ip address, then switch DHCP back on

N.B When you are ready to make a production app you will need to discover the bridge automatically using the Hue Bridge Discovery Guide or the tools provided with the official Philips Hue SDKs


Once you have the address load the test app by visiting the following address in your web browser.

http://<bridge ip address>/debug/clip.html