Knowledge Center (english)

This section is intended for our small business clients primarily and contains information on everything from setting up email accounts to encryption and safe browsing to how our support can help you make changes on your website in case you do not have the time or interest to do it yourself.

Need a good team project solution? We recommend


Teamwork Projects


This page contains links to the tools we use in development.

Websites, Universities and Blogs that drive technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs and issues shaping the future. 

Mura CMS is an open source enterprise content management system developed by Blueriver Interactive. It is very easy to customize and comes with a wide feature set, making it suitable for all sorts of simple to high-end web projects. This help center section is a collection of useful links, articles and code examples for ourselves and others who are interested in Mura CMS development.

This section contains a notes on setting up Gitlab for continuous integration.

Our workflow:

  • Develop locally using ContentBox running Lucee with MySQL
  • Changes are collected into commits which are pushed into private GitHub repository
  • On commit, files are pushed to a staging/developing server for simultaneous viewing by remote developers/clients, this is done using Deploybot.
  • On tagging a commit with a special tag, or manually, these commits can be pushed into production machines (also called environments in DeployBot).

This section contains links to APIs we use for dashboards and intranet developments.

We'll add some notes and code clips to get started with Apple MapKit JS and Mura CMS here.

Make sure you've got: Apple Developer ID, Team ID (10 Alphanumeric string), MapKit JS key (10 Alphanumeric string), node.js running on your development machine, jswebtoken installed ( )

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end components and frameworks.

No matter how large or small your application is, you’ll have to deal with fetching data from a remote server at some point. On the front end, this usually involves hitting a REST endpoint, transforming the response, caching it, and updating your UI. For years, REST has been the status quo for APIs, but over the past year, a new API technology called GraphQL has exploded in popularity due to its excellent developer experience and declarative approach to data fetching.

Lucee Application Server related articles, hints, tricks, and CFML references.

SCRUM, Agile Software Development, Kanban boards - this section has you covered!

Various useful JS and CSS tools and libraries used in our projects.

This section contains information about fundamentals of and advanced responsive image techniques, which we are currently implementing in new projects.


Responsive menus, off-canvas menus, sticky top-bar navigation, hamburger icons - that kind of code.


Information on how to make websites more accessible and easier to use.

We prefer Mapbox to Google Maps in most cases, this serves as a simple repository for frequently used code snippets.

Useful blog articles and resources for font-related information, such as free web fonts and paid-for professional solutions.

This section cover questions regarding emails and email setup for our Swedish and Norwegian clients.

This is primarily aimed at macOS development setups. Similar tool will be available for Windows if you use that.

Our servers usually behave nicely, but these are some tools to use to make sure we know if they aren't.

Links to helpful guides regarding embedding various video player in a responsive manner and considering  performance and user experience.