Business Solutions

Bespoke quote generators to simplify your business processes.


Customers are used to instant pricing when researching consumer products online. The same expectation exists for technical systems.

If they don't find it on your website, they'll look elsewhere (or call your office, tying up your team's resources while interest level and price sensitivity is still unknown).


There is a better way.

Using a highly tailored and iterative approach, we can help you design web solutions that speed up that process.



Online Quotation System


  • Free up your staff time
  • Reduce complexity of product
  • Limit error prone combinations
  • Increase qualified leads
  • Increase sales through information



Case Studies

Firetruck Configurator

Diesel Generator Configurator

UPS Configurator

- information coming soon -



Our approach

Web projects aimed at improving business processes usually evolve as feedback from stakeholders assimilate.
Our suggestion is to aim for a simplified "proof-of-concept" web project using smaller datasets and functionality, and then build on that.


Our rates

As a price idea, we can usually get something out in 5-7 days which can be used to get other stakeholders on board and take the web application development further. Our rates cover consulting advise and higher end developing work, including the outsourcing to specialists when required. For simple data entry or content transition we can offer a 20% discount on below rates.

Weekend or evening work (20:00-08:00) is only available for client-requested "emergencies", and carry a 50% surcharge.

Hourly rate: 900 kr / 95 EUR

Day rate: 6 900 kr / 730 EUR

Weekly rate*: 31 500 kr / 3 350 EUR

*Weekly rate also applies to contracts where we work for a minimum set number of days (1.5 per week, 2 months minimum). Most of our business solution clients choose a longer term plan for iterative improvements and feature development, but we're equally happy to work on subsets of projects at a pre-agreed fixed price, provided there is a clear "definition of done" and a realistic budget in place. If that sounds good, let's meet up and discuss!

All prices for information purposes only, counter-signed order or contract required before any work commences. 

Please note we are currently busy with existing business projects and look forward to presenting you our options later this year. If you wish to possibly work with us in the future, we're happy to discuss your requirements after receiving information on your project scope and budget.

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